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Warning: Weight Loss Pills (Review)

Diet pills, slimming pills, weight loss supplements - whatever we like to call them - have been a controversial, yet hot topic for the last few decades.

With over 50% of Americans overweight, more and more companies emerged who saw a huge potential on the weight loss market. After all, who doesn't want to look and feel their best? And only if there was a magic pill that could make it happen in X number of days (as the ads suggested) seemed like a dream come true.

Now this unfortunately opened up doors for a lot of controversy over the years. From the deadly health hazards of some ephedrine-based pills in the past to the questionable effectiveness of the new watered down versions, we are left with nothing but a huge question mark over our heads.

So should you use diet pills? If so which ones? Or is it your best bet to avoid them alltogeter. Read this article carefully as I have put forth my best efforts to help you make an educated decision.

1. The health hazards of diet pills:

Thankfully, with the FDA putting a ban on ephedra in 2005 as well as some other dangerous substances, gone are the days of us regularly hearing on the news about diet pill users dying from strokes (as was the case with Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler back in 2003, for example). However this is not to say that today's diet pills are completely harmless, and even with the safer versions of most popular brands you may or may not commonly experience the following side effects:

    -mood swings
    -irregular heart beat, etc.

Ouch. Keep in mind that this is talking about the "safer" popular brands on the market; let's not even get started on what the "unsafe" pills can do to you. 

2. Cost (in)effectiveness:

An average months supply of a popular brand costs $70. Muliply that by 12, and by the end of the year there is an $840 dent in your pocket. Now I unerstand that not everyones pocket is the same size, but for most folks (including myself), this is considered a small fortune.

3. The results:

So never mind the health risks and cost, what we all really want to know is: can you really lose weight with diet pills? And the answer is: off course. Unfortunately, you'll discover that a lot of the weight you lost was not fat, but precious water and muscle tissue, both of which are essential to your metabolism.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that most popular diet pills merely act as appetite suppressants, which means that they do ok for curbing your appetite for the time being, but as soon as you decide to stop taking the pill, your appetite is back, and so is all the weight you just lost! This leaves you with two options:

1. Gain back the weight you lost or struggle to keep it off.
2. Spend a lifetime addicted to weight loss pills.

As neither is a very good option for most folks, I am going to spare you the detailed brand-by -brand analysis in this article and just strongly advise that you avoid diet pills altogether, and consider an alternative solution.

The solution

You see, weight loss is not about eating less, depriving yourself of your favorite foods, or exhausting yourself with hours after hours of strenuous exercise. And it is definitely not about popping pills. These are just some misconceptions we have been taught to believe over the years, usually by companies eager to sell us the next greatest weight loss fad, product..etc (you can read more about this here).  The bottom line here is: whatever diet or pill you "go on" you're eventually going to have to come "off of" and you're back right where you started in no time. So what you need is not a quick pill (or any other dieting gimmick, for that matter), but a well-rounded fitness & nutrition plan that should be easy and simple enough so you can stick to it FOR LIFE! 

YIKES! Does this mean a lifetime of eating salads, disgusting low-fat foods, and torturing yourself at the gym? 

Off course not! Contrary to the popular beliefs we have been "brainwashed" with over time, modern research shows than weight loss can actually be fun and easy. 

For example, did you know that delicious foods such as steak and eggs actually help your weight loss process, since protein burns 3X more fat tissue than other foods. Did you know about simple tricks like drinking water or eating fruit before your meal to help curb your appetite? Or that "cheating" and having a high-fat cake every once in a while can actually be a good thing, since it keeps your metabolism running high and burning more fat on the days you're not "cheating"? Oh, and try topping it all off with no more than 45 minutes per week of exercise for outstanding results. Yes I said PER WEEK!  Now how does THAT sound for a weight loss plan?

You see, the key to your success with weight loss (or anything else for that matter) is knowing the right information, and with that in mind, right now I am going to recommend some websites that will help to get you looking and feeling your best in no time, 100% naturally, and all while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest!  Oh, and did I mention it won't cost you nowhere near what you may have been thinking about spending on diet pills?

Site 1: The E-Factor
Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Diet & Exercise)
Description: Created by best selling author, fitness & lifestyle expert John Rowley. "It's not what you eat it's when you eat it" -- says John, and guess what - he is 100% right. This is also what makes the program fun and lovable by thousands of users, as you get to eat most of your favorite foods (like eggs, steak, potatoes, sweets, etc.), you just have to pick the right times throughout the day!
John's breakthrough approach is based around controlling Leptin, a hormone in your body that "decides" how much fat you should be storing. Once your body "learns" how to do this, it goes into autopilot to crave the right foods at the right times and the program eventually becomes next to effortless and second nature to you! The exercises included are short and less intense.

Rating: 5 of 5 *****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Diet & Exercise) WOMEN ONLY!
Description: It is by now common knowledge that women have a harder time maintaining their weight than guys, since they have twice as much leptin in their bodies as men. So it's only natural that they have a nutrition and exercise plan designed specifically for them.
Authored by fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, The Venus Factor is simple to follow, the foods are delicious, and the training is light on you. While we cannot guarantee specific results, it is not uncommon for women to lose 20, 30, even 50 lbs within their first 3 months with the program. What more could you want from a diet & exercise plan? Go and get the Venus Factor NOW!

Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Focus on Abs)
Description: Another all around fat loss site with special focus on abs. Really shows you how to get that washboard or six-pack you've always craved! Exercise involves interval training like we discussed earlier.

Site 4: The 3 Week Diet
Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Accelerated Fat Loss
Description: This is what professional fighters use when they need to drop a weight class, or supermodels when they're trying to get ready for the next shoot, and they've only got a week or two to do it! Very intense fat loss plan, but not for everyone. For easy, long term lasting results, we recommend you first try the sites above.

Site 5: Spartan Fitness
Rating: 4 of 5****
Category: Balanced (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss)
Description: The military approach to get you whipped in shape quick! The great thing about this program is that you do not need exercise equipment. Everything is done naturally with your own body weight! * (for best balanced results, combine programs #1 and #2)

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