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5 Big FAT Lies of Fat Loss

The 5 Big Fat Lies about Fat Loss & Dieting:

You're probably asking yourself: "What motive could someone possibly have to lie to me about fat loss & dieting?" Most of the time, the answer is quite simple actually - GREED!

You see, the fitness and dieting industries are multi-billion dollar giants, and there are supplements to be sold, dieting pills, exercise equipment, ab-belts, low fat products, diet sodas, and they need to keep the lie alive in order for ordinary people like you and I to buy them.
Other times, it's not lies, but simply misinformation you've been fed by so-called experts that we've all been brainwashed to believe for ages. Whether they're lies or simply misconceptions, we'll leave that up to you to decide, but here are the 5 things you definitely should avoid like the plague if you're serious at all about losing weight or staying in shape:

Big Fat Lie #1: Eat less and lose weight
The truth: This only works for a few days until your body gets accustomed to the diet. After this period your metabolism slows way down and goes into "starvation mode," which means you'll be storing more fat from any food you eat. The key is eating small meals but more frequently, to keep your metabolism running at a steady pace. You can read more on these type of diets here.

Big Fat Lie #2: Carbohydrates are bad for you
The truth: Your body actually needs a balance of proteins, carbs, fats, and sugars to function properly. If you take carbs out of your diet, your energy levels plummet, and you're left with feelings of low self esteem, tiredness, and you become easily irritable. For this reason a low-carb diet is incredibly difficult to stick to, and most people give up and gain back all the weight they lost. There are good carbs and bad ones, (baked potatoes vs. potato chips, for example). You need to distinguish between the two and only cut out the bad ones (these are usually processed foods).

Big Fat Lie #3: Doing hours of cardio is the only way to really burn fat.
Lie invented by the makers of treadmills and such. Let's face it: long cardio is booorriiiinnngggg, and most of us don't have the willpower to stick to anything that we don't enjoy for the long term. The good news is recent studies show that you can do more in 20 minutes with either interval training or resistance training than you can with hours of cardio with mediocre intensity. Resistance training builds muscle that burns fat when you're not training; the way interval training works is, you run/swim/box/cycle or whatever it is you do for cardio at full capacity for a few minutes, than take it easy for a minute. Rinse and repeat a few times and you've got yourself a far more effective workout in just a fraction of the time.

Big Fat Lie #4: Anything that tastes good is bad for you
This lie brought to you by "low fat" product companies. You see, "low-fat" or "diet" products and sugar substitutes are all processed and contain artificial substances. And since your body has a hard time processing anything that is not a real food, you will end up storing additional fat!
But on the flip side, did you know that high-protein & high fiber foods are actually proven to burn fat. This is because it takes more energy for your body to digest these foods, and where does your body look first for energy? Your fat reserves! This means that delicious foods like steak, eggs, butter, lean cuts of beef and turkey, whole grain bread (just to name a few) are not only good for you but are an absolute must for a fat-burning diet! Also, having a cheat day once a week can be a good thing, because it keeps your metabolism running high and burning more fat on the days you're not cheating. So go ahead, have a greasy Double Whopper meal once a week, but only once a week. And no diet soda!

Big Fat Lie #5: The answer to your problems is a diet pill
Lie courtesy of fitness magazines whose owners just happen to own a supplement company as well.
A HUGE, resounding "N-O" on diet pills. Most diet pills simply act as appetite suppressants, at which point you eat less and your metabolism slows down. This means as soon as you get off the pill, your appetite is back, but your metabolism is not, and you end up gaining back all the weight you lost and then some. So ask yourself, do you really want to spend your life addicted to a diet pill?
Even if you've learned to put up with the many irritable side effects like nausea, mood swings, crankiness, vomiting, etc., you'll discover that most of the weight you lost was precious water or, even worse, muscle tissue. And this is talking about the safer diet pills. Don't even let us get started on the likes of Meridia and Ephedra that have actually been linked to heart attacks and death!

The Solution:
Our team of fitness specialists has dedicated countless hours to researching, testing and reviewing weight loss (pardon, fat loss) plans, programs, and any information we could get our hands on. We have literally reviewed dozens upon dozens of fitness sites, and we can tell you what works and what doesn't! And it certainly isn't a low-calorie starvation diet.
The bottom line is: your fat loss program is something that should be customized for you, doing and eating the things you like, or it simply isn't going to work because you're not going to stick with it. Below we have listed 5 of the best A-Z fat loss programs authored by popular Fitness & Nutrition specialists. They are all tested and proven to work by our staff, and are easy and simple to do, but each one is unique in their own way. Read our Top 5 mini-reviews below and select the one that best suits your likes and needs. Enjoy!

Our Top 5 Weight Loss Reviews!!!
Below you will find our Top 5 Reviewed Weight Loss websites, that have been thoroughly investigated by our staff and are proven to help you burn fat naturallyand in record time! They are all reliable sites, that have either been approved by the Better Business Bureau or Honest E-Online, or both!
Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a gal, want to exercise with cardio, weights, or diet only (and by "diet" we mean eating delicious foods like steak, eggs, butter, and potatoes that are actually proven to burn fat), there's something for everyone! Make sure you sit through the website's entire presentations for some shocking information!

Site 1: The E-Factor
Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Diet & Exercise)
Description: Created by best selling author, fitness & lifestyle expert John Rowley. "It's not what you eat it's when you eat it" -- says John, and guess what - he is 100% right. This is also what makes the program fun and lovable by thousands of users, as you get to eat most of your favorite foods (like eggs, steak, potatoes, sweets, etc.), you just have to pick the right times throughout the day!
John's breakthrough approach is based around controlling Leptin, a hormone in your body that "decides" how much fat you should be storing. Once your body "learns" how to do this, it goes into autopilot to crave the right foods at the right times and the program eventually becomes next to effortless and second nature to you! The exercises included are short and less intense.

Rating: 5 of 5 *****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Diet & Exercise) WOMEN ONLY!
Description: It is by now common knowledge that women have a harder time maintaining their weight than guys, since they have twice as much leptin in their bodies as men. So it's only natural that they have a nutrition and exercise plan designed specifically for them.
Authored by fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, The Venus Factor is simple to follow, the foods are delicious, and the training is light on you. While we cannot guarantee specific results, it is not uncommon for women to lose 20, 30, even 50 lbs within their first 3 months with the program. What more could you want from a diet & exercise plan? Go and get the Venus Factor NOW!

Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Fat Loss & Toning (Focus on Abs)
Description: Another all around fat loss site with special focus on abs. Really shows you how to get that washboard or six-pack you've always craved! Exercise involves interval training like we discussed earlier.

Site 4: The 3 Week Diet
Rating: 5 of 5*****
Category: Accelerated Fat Loss
Description: This is what professional fighters use when they need to drop a weight class, or supermodels when they're trying to get ready for the next shoot, and they've only got a week or two to do it! Very intense fat loss plan, but not for everyone. For easy, long term lasting results, we recommend you first try the sites above.

Site 5: Spartan Fitness
Rating: 4 of 5****
Category: Balanced (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss)
Description: The military approach to get you whipped in shape quick! The great thing about this program is that you do not need exercise equipment. Everything is done naturally with your own body weight! * (for best balanced results, combine programs #1 and #2)

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